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Reznik Report from Annapolis - 2017 Session Week 5

We’re at the point in Session when we’re starting to make real progress on some important issues. Just this morning for example, we were able to move House Bill 159: Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones off of the House Floor. The bill codifies existing University policies and establishes public places of higher education to be weapon-free zones, increasing the safety of our campus communities and ensuring a safe learning environment for our students. The bill will now be heard by the Senate.


The Appropriations Committee continued budget and bill hearings this week. This week we were briefed by the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Office for Children and Interagency Fund,  as well as on state aid to local governments. My subcommittee, Health and Human Resources, was briefed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Health Professional Boards and Commission, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, and the Department of Disabilities.

My Bills

This week I had the pleasure of presenting two of my bills before their respective committees for hearings.  HB 352, my bill to regulate the use of teletherapy on Maryland patients, was heard before the Health and Government Operations Committee, followed by HB 587, which would increase the participation of veteran-owned small businesses in state procurement. Both were greeted with productive questions and I look forward to working with various stakeholders in the coming weeks to make progress on both bills.

Tax Help for County Residents

Did you know that the County offers free tax filing services for county residents making less than $54,000 a year? Staffed by volunteers, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program provides filing services at locations throughout the county during the tax cycle. In order to utilize this service, appointments are encouraged. For more information, look here:

As always, it’s a pleasure to represent District 39 in Annapolis. Please feel free to contact me throughout the year with your thoughts and concerns. I would love the opportunity to personally meet you or any groups of which you are a member of in the district, to talk about the session, neighborhood issues, or plans and thoughts for the future.



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