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To see a list of bills that I have sponsored or co-sponsored in the past please click on the links below based on the year you would like to see. 


Legislation Passed into Law in 2017:

This year I sponsored a total of eight bills. I’m excited that 6 of those bills have passed out of both chambers and were sent to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

(1) Rape & Sexual Offense Re-Classification -
updates language in State law around the classification of rape to be more inclusive of victims, regardless of type of violation, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation of both, the victim and perpetrator.

(2) Reorganization of State Procurement -
reforms the processes by which the State buys goods and services in order to form a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective system of procurement. Working closely with the Lieutenant Governor’s office, it is our belief that this reform can save upwards of $100 million per year in taxpayer money.

(3) Mid-Atlantic Redistricting Reform Compact -
establishes an independent commission to redraw congressional district lines, pending the implementation of a Mid-Atlantic state compact.

(4) Expansion of Participation of Veteran-Owned Small Businesses in State Procurement -
expands opportunities for veteran-owned small business by allowing them to self-certify in their bids for State contracts.

(5) Use & Regulation of Teletherapy -
allows for and regulates the use of teletherapy practice in the state while creating a mechanism to ensure the safety, privacy, and well-being of Marylanders wishing to utilize teletherapy. This is the first legislation of its kind in the nation.

(6) Energy Storage Income Tax Credit -
establishes a first-of-its-kind in the nation tax credit for residential homes and commercial facilities to purchase and install energy storage systems, in order to reduce energy waste, lower our carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency, and save consumers money. This will also help encourage the use of renewable resources and increase jobs in sustainable industries.

Furthermore, I have worked tirelessly throughout the interim last year and the 2017 Session to make sure that the Watkins Mill Interchange comes to fruition. Though my bill mandating the construction of the project did not pass, I’m happy to see that Governor Hogan finally put the invitation to bid for the project on the street. I look forward to seeing the project move forward and will update you as it does.

Additionally, I am disappointed that my bill to establish an Election Day voter registration did not make across the finish line. For eight years I have been fighting to expand access to the ballot box for all Marylanders eligible to vote, and though I believed that this was the year to join 13 other states in having Election Day voter registration, it is my hope that next year I can work with my colleagues in the Senate to get it passed.

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