Let’s continue to the growth of Maryland and it’s residents, but re-electing PROGRESSIVE, EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP back to Annapolis.

  • Championing Single Payer Healthcare
  • Fighting for $15
  • Working for Expansion of Voter Rights
  • Guaranteeing Net Neutrality for Marylanders
  • Ending Gerrymandering through Fair Redistricting
  • Pushing for a 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Economy
  • Working towards Criminal Justice Reform and Fair Treatment for All


Early voting from June 14, 2018 – June 21, 2018


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Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik11 hours ago
Together, we have accomplished so much. But I am only getting started, and I need your help to get the job done.

On July 26th, VOTE FOR Progressive, Experienced Leadership in Annapolis.

*Championing Single Payer Healthcare
*Fighting for $15
*Working for Expansion of Voter Rights
*Guaranteeing Net Neutrality for Marylanders
*Ending Gerrymandering through Fair Redistricting
*Pushing for a 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Economy
*Working towards Criminal Justice Reform and Fair Treatment for All.

Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik added 2 new photos.5 days ago
In Maryland, we do more than send thoughts and prayers.

In Maryland, we passed the most comprehensive firearm safety laws in the country to make sure our kids don't end up victims.

I am proud to have fought for:
* A ban on the sale of assault weapons & large capacity ammunition clips
* Comprehensive background checks and training requirements
* A ban on rapid fire accessories like bump stock and hellfire triggers
* Removal of firearms from convicted domestic abusers
* A "red flag" law that temporarily removes weapons from those who are considered a threat to themselves or others

On June 26th, I need your support to make sure these protections stay in place and we continue to protect our kids.
Delegate Kirill Reznik
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Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik added 2 new photos.1 week ago
The District 39 Legislative Slate is the progressive, experienced team to fight for you in Annapolis.

On June 26th, vote for Senator Nancy King, Delegate Kirill Reznik, Delegate Shane Robinson, and Lesley Lopez for Maryland.

Early Voting starts on June 14th and goes through June 21st.
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik added 2 new photos.2 weeks ago
It's time to end the tug of war over our healthcare.

I have a plan that will:
*Cover 100% of all Marylanders with no cost to the patient;
*Lower costs for businesses; and
*Is fully implementable at the State level

We know how to do it. We just need leaders with the political will.

Vote for me on June 26th and let's get everyone healthcare.
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik2 weeks ago
Proud to receive the endorsement of AFSCME Maryland.

I look forward to working with you as you represent the employees of State government who take care of our elderly, heal the sick, maintain our roads, and provide countless other services to our State's residents.

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12 hours ago
As a refugee who was brought to the U.S. as a child, I am proud that we are honoring refugees from around the world who are coming for a better life.

But we also MUST do better to not just honor refugees from before, but welcome the ones coming now. https://t.co/e94Vcpkp0b
DelegateReznik photo
MD Democratic Party @mddems
As we honor #WorldRefugeeDay, we stand with those fleeing war, violence and persecution. Our nation cannot accept the cruelty of family separations -- we must fight for the safety and dignity of the most vulnerable. #MDgov #MDpolitics https://t.co/DIRhAg3Sjr
14 hours ago
If you're mad about this administration tearing kids away from their families: speak out, stand up, & vote. Vote in the primary & general. Tell your friends & family to vote. Tell the guy in line at 7-11 to vote. There's nothing these monsters fear more than you & your vote.
14 hours ago
We all should be able to agree that in the United States of America, we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. We will not do that. We are better than that! We are so much better! https://t.co/rz8Fh500Al DelegateReznik photo
3 days ago
What @realDonaldTrump and @jeffsessions are doing on the border violates the spirit of Father’s Day... not to mention the spirit of America!

3 days ago
She is wearing a number. I guess tattooing it on the inside forearm would have been a little too obvious.

Other children in her cage (I'll say it again - cage) had to change her diaper.

What is happening to us? https://t.co/aEPJsZcU6B