From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your vote and for once again nominating me to represent District 39 in Annapolis.

Now we are on to the General Election on November 6!!

I need your help to get the vote out and elect Democrats across Maryland.

If you can volunteer some time, email me today at delegate.reznik@gmail.com.


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2 hours ago
Spending the morning with our local doctors from the MoCo Medical Society. https://t.co/LhpwUiauPx DelegateReznik photo
2 days ago
GOP: “She slipped on a word during a livestream! This tweet has a typo! She’s not fit for office!”

GOP: Prints poster of word salad in circles, calls it a Venn Diagram, gives it to Gov, who doesn’t seem to know what a Venn Diagram is either; tries to sabotage incoming admin https://t.co/wkuJzFw3Vk
3 days ago
In another time, this kind of racism would be relegated to a printing press is a dank basement. Today, it is prominently featured on @FoxNews. If you can't be a conservative news outlet without stooping to xenophobic nativism, then you should reconsider what conservative means? https://t.co/RziawhYVNb DelegateReznik photo
3 days ago
The guy Larry Hogan has been working with to get control over 295 and the park land for his pie-in-the-sky stadium deal.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

3 days ago
Had a great time with members of the MoCo Delegation, Gaithersburg City Council & Board of Advisors for the @UatShadyGrove touring the still-in-construction STEM academic building. What a great resource this will be for our community. https://t.co/xx3dYRH9Hg DelegateReznik photo
3 days ago
Appreciate the comments from @SpeakerBusch here. We have huge needs for school construction, transportation improvements, and more. It's not the time to be spending money on a football stadium.