From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your vote and for once again nominating me to represent District 39 in Annapolis.

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23 hours ago
“We have to act boldly and we have to understand the impacts on health are real. We have to act with the conviction that these are all our kids. We can’t separate out kids based on ZIP code or color or geography in any way … these are all our kids.” https://t.co/ybCT1txFjK
2 days ago
Things Americans say that you just don’t hear in most other Western nations:

—We are doing active shooter training at work

—She died because she couldn’t afford her medication

—He has to choose between paying his student loans and paying the rent

Let’s build a better future.
5 days ago
Report: Montgomery County Has Top High Schools in Maryland | Montgomery Community Media https://t.co/WpZ3Flu4It
5 days ago
Don't be distracted by rhetoric and name calling. 260,000 Marylanders are unemployed. 360,000 don't have health care. We underfund our schools and are billions of dollars behind on school construction. The election is about fixing these probpems.
6 days ago
Today, I wrote to the ED of WMATA, Paul Wiedefeld & Chief of DC Police, Peter Newsham concerning allegations that participants in the so-called "Unite the Right" rally received special accommodations such as private Metro cars and police escorts. I look forward to their response. https://t.co/t0wzEDY97l DelegateReznik photo