From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your vote and for once again nominating me to represent District 39 in Annapolis.

Now we are on to the General Election on November 6!!

I need your help to get the vote out and elect Democrats across Maryland.

If you can volunteer some time, email me today at delegate.reznik@gmail.com.


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1 day ago
Germantown HELP has launched their annual Holiday Giving Project to bring meals to 1,200 families in need in our community.

Consider making a donation to help this worthwhile effort:

2 days ago
If you have a cold-related concern about a person or animal, call 301-279-8000. Animal Services Officers will be enforcing Exec. Reg. 10-10AM preventing unattended outdoor tethering of dogs. Be particularly careful of young children, the elderly and all pets exposed to the cold. https://t.co/mN1PO8eqLf
2 days ago
I’m an immigration lawyer. That’s not at all how asylum works. The law requires people apply for asylum IN the United States—not from their home countries.

As a legislator you should know this. It’s literally on the USCIS website: https://t.co/m26Q7Oan0v https://t.co/xITmDmyypY
5 days ago
County Executive-Elect Marc Elrich is holding listening tours throughout the county as part of his executive transition.