Dear Friends,

It is my honor and privilege to represent you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors in the House of Delegates in Annapolis for District 39.

District 39 includes Montgomery Village, Washington Grove, and parts of Gaithersburg, Forest Oak, Flower Hill, Germantown, and Clarksburg.

I currently serve as the Parliamentarian of the House of Delegates, and the Chairman of the Health and Social Services Subcommittee on Appropriations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.  Whether you have a concern or complaint about an issue facing your community, a roadblock in dealing with local or state government, an idea for possible legislation, or if you would like me to come to an event or meeting to discuss issues facing the district or State.  I stand ready to work with you for a better District 39, Montgomery County, and Maryland.


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Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik shared a Page.3 days ago
Some friends of mine and I just did this thing.

Come join Susan Turnbull, Jared Solomon, Byron Macfarlane and myself (and a very quickly growing group here in Maryland) in supporting Pete Buttigieg for President.

Like this page, share it with your friends, and stay tuned for more information, events, and get togethers.
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik shared a post.5 days ago
The US Census is hiring in our area. Census workers earn between 18.00 and 21.00 per hour and are covered for some expenses. Training is provided. You must be 18 and a US citizen. You must have a valid email, and access to a computer and to public transportation. Follow the link to see more information. And please share this post!
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik6 days ago
I have had the immense privilege in my life to have traveled to over 40 countries, and have seen incredible creations of art and architecture.

From the Great Wall of China to the Blue Mosque to the Pyramids of Eqypt to Tower Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame Cathedral, what has always amazed me is what human ingenuity can create with human hands and simple tools.

I am genuinely heartbroken over the destruction of Notre Dame. The irreplaceable loss of great art and artifacts is enough to defeat the spirit. I am grateful that (so far) there have been no reports of the loss of life.

In the face of this tragedy, however, the will to go on and to rebuild is something that is also indicative of the human spirit.

I am glad to have seen and experienced Notre Dame. To feel the awe of that great structure; it's serenity and peace even with hundreds of people traipsing around inside just like I was. But I also know that it will be rebuilt, like it was once before after its destruction. And that my children and generations to come will get the privilege of seeing it as well.
Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik6 days ago
This is a crisis that needs the be addressed. Many of the closed hospitals are in Southern states that refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik1 week ago
Governor Larry Hogan in 2017 - My highway expansion will not affect any property outside of the existing footprint.

MDOT Secretary Pete Rahm in 2018 - What he meant was, we will try.

MDOT Study in 2019 - 1,500 properties will lose some or all of their land. 34 homes and 4 businesses will be completely lost.

Delegate Kirill Reznik
Delegate Kirill Reznik1 week ago
My 2019 End of Session letter going out to constituents this week


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20 hours ago
Announcing the post-2019 legislative session District 39 Delegation #Townhall. Come join us. #mdga19 @working4MD More info here https://t.co/1EtM0rHbd9
3 days ago
“I expect and hope that the caucus will come together” on May 1" - Del Eric Luedtke.
.Leading contender for Md. House speaker says Democrats should stick together https://t.co/Z3nw9BsiMY
3 days ago
The Mueller report is a disturbing if not completely surprising collection of evidence that shows a president putting his own interests ahead of the country’s. Today again demonstrates why we need to change the channel in 2020.
3 days ago
If I recall correctly, @BarackObama gave an exclusive post-Super Bowl interview to Bill O’Reilly. And that’s ok!

It’s also ok to reach out to @PodSaveAmerica, @intercept, @foxnews, @TMZ listeners & viewers at the same time and meet them where they are. https://t.co/DN4dln5TTC
4 days ago
I can't agree with my friend @RicePolitics more. This kind of violence can happen anywhere, but when it happens in your community and your neighborhood, it is especially hard. My thoughts are with all of our friends and neighbors in the Germantown Park community. https://t.co/9EH6v53ln7
5 days ago
In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev'ry glove that laid him down
Or cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame
"I am leaving, I am leaving"
But the fighter still remains https://t.co/SG9Hkb4wnu
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