Ballots are in the mail. This is what mine will say…

September 25, 2020

If you’ve requested a mail-in ballot, then you will likely get it in the next two weeks. Once it arrives, please vote as soon as possible, and you can return it by mail or at one of the drop boxes set up around the County. You can find the locations in the links below.

Like always, I want to provide you with my endorsements for the coming elections.

President and Vice President of the United States
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Kamala Harris. Our country has gone off the rails, and we need to right the course. There are pages I can write about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but I will limit to just one sentence – They will help restore the soul of our nation, and we desperately need it.

U.S. Congress – District 6
David J. Trone. Congressman Trone has developed into a solid Member of Congress. His constituent services have been top notch. He is a reliable, trustworthy, and been working across the aisle to get things done.

Judges for the Circuit Court (four choices)
Bibi M. Berry, David A. Boynton, Christopher C. Fogleman, Michael Joseph McAuliffe. It is no secret that I don’t like the elections for judges and have co-sponsored legislation for years to change it. Judges must be technical, highly skilled, and impartial. Elections open the possibility of violating that criteria. The four sitting judges listed above have been repeated vetted by impartial panels and have demonstrated competence and skill.

Board of Education, At Large
Lynne Harris. Lynne is a parent, a teacher, and a lawyer. Her experience in the classroom and on the board of the MCCPTA will prove invaluable, and I strongly support.

Board of Education, District 2
Rebecca K. Smondrowski. Rebecca has been a proven leader on the Board and someone I continuously rely on to get the job done. In these uncertain times, having Rebecca on the Board is to everyone’s advantage.

Board of Education, District 4
Shebra Evans. Everything I said above for District 2 goes double for Shebra Evans. Shebra has lead the Board as President and is the biggest advocate that our kids can have.

Ballot Questions

There are six ballot questions for you to consider – 2 Statewide and 4 County. Here are my recommendations.

State Question 1: YES. Allows for flexibility in the budget approval process, by letting the Legislature move resources around in order to meet the priorities of the State. It also grants the Governor a line item veto for any such changes. Maintains the requirement for a balance budget every year.

State Question 2: YES. Authorizes sports betting in the State which will add additional revenue to education.

County Question A: YES. Allows the County to assess property taxes in a more reasonable way while maintaining the current unanimous requirements for exceeding the charter limits.

County Question B: NO. This question would handcuff the county and force cuts to education, public safety, and other critical services.

County Question C: YES. Would increase the number of County Councilmembers to 11 by adding an additional two districts, and maintaining the At-Large seats.

County Question D: NO. Would eliminate At-Large seats and take representation away from County residents by forcing each voter into a smaller district.

Remember, please don’t forget to register and vote. Below are important links to help you.

Check your Voter registration status and mail-in ballot HERE?
Have you registered to vote? If not, CLICK HERE.
Have you requested your mail-in ballot? If not, CLICK HERE.
Are you going to mail your ballot back or go to a drop box? Find a Drop Box location by CLICKING HERE.
Are you planning on voting in person? Find a convenient early voting or election day voting center by CLICKING HERE.

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