Happy Memorial Day! Have you received your ballot in the mail?

May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day to all. Though we have been stuck in doors and should be limiting our contact with others, it doesn’t stop us from making sure to honor those that have served in our armed forces from the American Revolution through today’s brave men and women in uniform that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

It is therefore quick appropriate to also remember that we are also in the middle of a Primary election. Remember, the right to vote is an intricate part of our democracy, and everyone should take part.

June 2nd Primary Election Ballots are in the Mail

The Mail-In Ballots for the June 2nd Primary Election should have arrived by now. If you haven’t, please contact the Board of Elections at www.777vote.org or call them at (240) 777-VOTE.

1. The Maryland Board of Elections put together uploaded a video to YouTube to instruct you how to complete and return your ballot. You can see that video by CLICK THIS LINK.
2. The ballot you receive will have the original date of April 28th printed on them. Even though the Primary is now June 2nd, this is the official ballot.
3. Remember, your mail-in ballot must be postmarked by Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and postage is NOT REQUIRED.
My Ballot

Just a reminder – this is a list of who I am voting for on the Democratic Primary Ballot. Please remember, if you are an unaffiliated or third-party registered voter, you will be getting a ballot as well for this Primary, but you Primary will feature the School Board and Circuit Court Judges elections only. These are important as well, please complete the whole ballot.

For President: Joe Biden.
Vice President Biden is an incredible public servant that his given his whole life to our country. He will restore out country’s standing in the world and our economy and basic rights to all.

For Congress District 6: David Trone.
Congressman Trone has been working nonstop for our district since getting elected. Whether it is dealing with our nation’s opioid crisis, helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society, or taking point in marshaling our nation’s resources in responses to the coronavirus, he has been doing it all, and deserves re-election.

For Montgomery County School Board.

At-Large: Lynne Harris. Ms. Harris is a teacher, attorney, parent, and former President of the Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Association. She is the most experienced candidate on the ballot and has earned the vote of Montgomery County residents.

For District 4: Shebra Evans. Ms. Evans has has been an incredible leader of the Board of Education, leading the Board and the school system through very challenging times. She is an asset to the Board and also deserves re-election.

For the Circuit Court: The Sitting Judges – Bibi M. Berry, David A. Boynton, Christopher C. Fogleman, and Michael J. McAuliffe.
First off, let me say that I have been and continue to being opposed to any kind of election of judges, and have been working in Annapolis to change this process. That being said, while we still have this practice, I strongly recommend electing the current Sitting Judges Berry, Boynton, Fogleman, and McAuliffe listed above. They have been vetted multiple times, nominated by the Governor, and confirmed by the Senate. They are the most qualified people to sit on the Circuit Court bench.

For Male and Female Delegates to the Democratic Convention: The Biden listed delegates. This is very confusing thing for most people, but I strongly recommend backing the Biden delegates. I am saying this, even though I am personally on the ballot as a Buttigieg delegate. If you want to vote for me instead, that is fine and I would appreciate. I will commit to voting for Joe Biden if I should happen to win.

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