Heat Advisory this weekend. Some tips on staying cool and safe.

July 19, 2019


Starting today through the remainder of the weekend, temperatures are expected to exceed 100 degrees, with a heat index that is significantly higher.

As you know, this can be extremely dangerous for some in our community, especially children, the elderly, disabled, or ill. It is also not great for otherwise healthy individuals either.

Extreme heat can lead to skin burns, dehydration, fainting, and in extreme cases, death. Please take precautions as you go outside.

Tips for Staying Safe and Cool

READY.GOV is a good resource for preparing for extreme heat.

Please try to stay indoors, wear light colored clothing, put on sunblock, and drink plenty of water.

Under no circumstances should you leave a child or pet in a car for any reason or for any period of time. Also, please do not chain or tether your pets outside this weekend.

Montgomery County Facilities Are Open During the Heat

Montgomery County facilities, such as recreation centers, libraries, and pools are open and can be a great respite from the heat.

Go to Montgomery County’s Heat Advisory site with more information.

The site also has tips about homeless services and services for pets and animals. Remember, if you see someone in need of assistance, contact the county or call 911 immediately.

Heat May Cause Some Disruption in Government Services

The extreme heat can cause disruption with rail lines, communications, and other services.

The Office of the Comptroller is already reporting that some of its systems have been disrupted as a result of the heat. If you need to do business with a government agency, whether State or local, you should call ahead to confirm that the office is open and functioning.

And please, if you experience some interruption in service or a disruption to systems, you should report it to the Agency or Department in question, and please be patient with work crews who are trying to get you back up and running.

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