Jobs and Small Business Growth

Our economy and the job market are in the most unique position they have ever been. With technology expanding and new opportunities around every corner, employees are also realizing that the relationship with employers is a two-way street, something I am very happy to see.  I have worked hard to make sure we are providing existing and emerging businesses the opportunity to succeed, while also working to make sure employees are treated fairly and equitably.

1. Banking on New Technology. Working with my colleagues, we have made Maryland a destination for the technology, bio-tech, and green industries.  In the next term, I will double down on this effort to make Maryland the leader in global emerging technology.
2. Minding the Procurement Store.  As the self-styled procurement geek of the Maryland General Assembly, I have focused on making sure that Maryland’s tax dollars are spent wisely and the procurement system is fair.  I will continue to make sure that our procurement dollars are competed fairly and in good faith, that our system provides a fair shake to small, minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses, and that our tax dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible.
3. Protecting workers. While making it a great place to do business, we must also make sure that employees are reaping the benefits as well.  That is why I was proud to support an increase to $15 in the minimum wage, implement earned sick leave, and increase the deduction for child care in the State.  Moving forward, it is critical that we implement paid family leave and enable the ability for employees to be able to unionize and collectively bargain if they so chose.
4. Tuition and Training. Student loan debt has become an albatross not just around the necks of residents, but on the economy as a whole.  Finding a solution to the student loan debt crisis is something I have spent time on fixing and will continue to do so.  In addition, we must make the trades a viable option for non-college bound students through early training in our high schools and apprenticeship programs after graduation.

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