Maryland General Assembly 2021 Witness Signup Guidelines

January 24, 2021

Thank you for agreeing to sign up as a witness for a bill being heard before a standing committee via Zoom during the 2021 Legislative Session. Your advocacy will genuinely make a difference as our office works to pass this legislation through committee.

Step One: Create your MyMGA account.
If you already have a MyMGA account please skip to Step Two.

To create your MyMGA account, please visit this page on the Maryland General Assembly website. Below the “Sign In’ button, select “Create a MyMGA Tracking Account”. Once you have clicked and been carried to the next webpage, simply fill out all of your information. Make sure that the email you provide here is one that you will check regularly as it is where the Zoom call-in information will be sent.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to finalize the creation of your account. Then, return to the page linked above and sign in to your MyMGA account.

Step Two: Sign Up
Once you have logged into your account, select the “Witness Signup” tab on the right side of the page. On this page, you can scroll down to find the bill you wish to testify on. Please be sure to verify that you are signing up for the correct bill number, committee, and date. If any part of that seems off, please contact the legislative office that you are working with.

When signing up, be sure to select “Favorable” under the Position dropdown tab. If you are speaking but not presenting written testimony, please select “Oral” under the Testimony dropdown tab. Vice versa, if you are submitting only written testimony, please select “Written” under the Testimony dropdown tab. If you will be speaking at the hearing AND submitting written testimony, please select “Both” under the Testimony dropdown tab. After you have made your selections and uploaded any documents, be sure to click “Save” on the left side of the page before closing out. If you have any doubts that your information was saved, you can verify by clicking the “Signed Up Items” button at the top of the page which will display a list of bills that you have signed up for.

Committees will only be allowing witnesses to sign up between 10am and 3pm 2 business days before the day of the hearing. For instance, if a bill is being heard on a Thursday, you will be able to sign up between 10am and 3pm on the previous Tuesday. The Zoom link would be sent out via email on that Wednesday. If the bill is being heard on a Monday, signups will be permitted on the previous Thursday with the Zoom link being sent out on the previous Friday.

Step Three: Planning Your Remarks
Please keep your remarks under 3 minutes when presenting to the committee. When planning your remarks, please review the hearing guidelines regarding allotted time (as this may range between 1 and 3 minutes) and written testimony format for the committee that the bill will be heard by. If you are not sure which committee the bill is being heard by, please ask the legislative office that you are working with.

Committee guidelines:
1) Appropriations Committee
2) Economic Matters Committee
3) Environment and Transportation Committee
4) Health and Government Operations
5) Judiciary Committee
6) Ways and Means Committee

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