MD delegate has concerns on the whereabouts of 500,000 Covid-19 testing kits

May 11, 2020

by Lauren MosesSaturday, May 9th 2020
MD delegate has concerns on the whereabouts of 500,000 MD Covid-19 testing kits

(WBFF) — In a letter to Secretary of Health, Robert Neall of the Maryland Department of Health, Maryland Delegate Kirill Reznik addressed his concerns over the lack of deployment of Covid-19 testing kits.

“As you know, on April 20th, Governor Hogan announced to great fanfare that he had secured and purchased 500,000 COVID-19 testing kits at a cost to the Maryland taxpayers of $9 million from Republic of Korea,” Reznik wrote. “Since then, there has been no indication that any of these kits have been dispersed or used, and that they continue to be held in an undisclosed location, under the protection of the Maryland National Guard and State police.”

He notes that with over 1,500 deaths in the state of Maryland, Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties are looking to find their own testing supplies outside of the State’s help, “while 500,000 units are gathering dust in an undisclosed location.”

According to the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun reports, the kits themselves were not in short supply in the United States. Reznik wrote, “however items that are needed to execute the tests, such as nasal swabs, reagents, and viral transport media are difficult to obtain and are still not in hand.”

Reznik goes further to say, “It is unconscionable for the Governor to demand that nursing homes and residential care facility, the source of over 60% of COVID-related deaths, immediately test all staff and residents through Executive Order, and not provide them the means to do so, while sitting on a half-a-million unit supply.”

Delegate Reznik ends his letter by asking Neall, “If these reports are unfounded, then please provide me with a list of where the test kits were deployed, the quantity, and the dates, so that I can provide this information to my legislative colleagues and put these concerns to rest.”

“If on the other hand, nothing has been deployed but you have everything needed to utilize them, then I must insist that the Administration immediately deploy the units to nursing homes and care facilities, agriculture processing facilities, and to large jurisdictions with the largest number of cases.”

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