Dear MoCo Democrats, It’s Time to Back the Nominees

July 6, 2018

Dear MoCo Democrats, It’s Time to Back the Nominees By Delegate Kirill Reznik (D-39). You may not know it, but there is a war raging.  It’s mostly among my 3,000 or so Facebook friends.  You see, apparently there is a civil war between the Clintonite, corporatist pseudo-fascists and the Sanderista, Marxist communists for the Presidency […] View page

My closing argument…Primary Election Day is tomorrow!

June 25, 2018

After a long campaign season, and a lot of mail, phone calls, and door knocks, the PRIMARY ELECTION IS TOMORROW. Once again, I am humbly asking for your vote so that I can continue the progress that we have made and to look forward to a brighter future together. I have had the honor and privilege […] View page

Gerrymandering In Maryland

January 14, 2018

LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO, HOST: Gerrymandering is in the news due to a ruling by federal judges in North Carolina, who said the congressional map there is unconstitutional because Republicans had drawn district lines to their own advantage. But redistricting rivals out of office isn’t just the province of Republicans. In Maryland, the story is about Democrats […] View page

Reznik Report from District 39 – Dog Days of July

August 2, 2017

We are now well into summer and the school year is only four weeks away. Here is a review of what happened in July and a few pieces of information going forward that may be of interest. 10th Annual Grill with Kirill was a huge success Thank you to everyone that came out to my [...] View page

Everyone in Md. says they want redistricting reform. Here’s why

May 27, 2017

By Josh Hicks Maryland’s elected leaders seem unlikely to negotiate a deal this year to end partisan gerrymandering, despite overwhelming public support for redistricting reform, pressure from citizen groups to reach a compromise, and a federal lawsuit that could force the state to overhaul its voting maps for upcoming elections.More than two weeks after Gov. […] View page

Local Politicians Blast Trump Plan That Would Cut NIH Funding by Almost A Fifth

May 23, 2017

Agency would lose about $6 billion under president’s proposal By Bethany Rodgers Aerial view of NIH campus Via NIH Maryland politicians on Tuesday condemned President Donald Trump’s newly released budget proposal, which would slash research funding at agencies such as the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda. NIH, Montgomery County’s largest employer, would see its […] View page

Move to Adjourn Sine Die – End of Session Update

April 12, 2017

This year I sponsored a total of eight bills. I’m excited that 6 of those bills have passed out of both chambers and were sent to the Governor’s desk for consideration. Rape & Sexual Offense Re-Classification – updates language in State law around the classification of rape to be more inclusive of victims, regardless of […] View page

Reznik Report from Annapolis – 2017 Session Week 8

March 3, 2017

Things have gotten very busy in the last couple of weeks and as a result I wasn’t able to send an update last week, so this update has several weeks’ worth of updates. My Bills Sexual Office Reclassification. I’m happy to announce that HB 647, my bill to update Maryland’s laws around the classification of […] View page