Public Safety & Civil Rights

I am proud of my record in protecting the safety of our children and our community, while protecting the civil rights and liberties of all Marylanders.

Transparency and Election Reform

I have been working to expand access to the ballot box for the entirety of my legislative career and was the lead sponsor for the Constitutional Referendum allowing Election Day Voter Registration.  Continuing in this effort, I believe we should move to
1. Universal mail-in voting, the way eight other states do to guarantee that everyone has a chance to vote regardless of their circumstances.
2. Publicly financed campaigns have proven a success for Montgomery County positions, and I believe it should expand to all elections in the state.
3. Ranked Choice Voting has also proven successful in numerous states and jurisdictions, and we should move to RCV to make sure the people elected have the support of the majority of the people voting.

In addition, I have worked to make sure that our government is transparent and our State’s procurement system is fair and spending taxpayer money is an efficiently.  I have pass numerous pieces of legislation to do just that, but so much more is required and I will continue to be make reforms where necessary.

A Woman’s Right to Choose

Nothing should stand in the way of a woman’s rights and her ability to make the decisions that are right for her and her family.  This means access to abortion services and the ability to consult with her doctor without the interference of government.  PERIOD.

Firearm Safety

I am a strong support of keeping weapons out of the hands of those who would use them to harm others, and have proudly voted for a ban on assault weapons and extended magazines and clips, “red flag” laws, and other measures.

We must also move forward in banning “ghost guns,” i.e. weapons that don’t have serial numbers or are assembled at home from pieces that are bought separately or “printed” on a 3D printer.  I have no issue with making an exception for antique collectibles, but beyond that, there is no reason to be able to own such a weapon.

Civil Rights

In addition, I have been one of the most vocal proponents of improving and expanding the civil rights and civil liberties for all Marylanders. I was an early and strident supporter of both the Maryland DREAM Act, Marriage Equality, transgender rights, a ban on conversion therapy, and reintegration efforts for ex-offenders and returning citizens. However, there are still many civil rights issues facing us from voting rights to housing and workplace discrimination.  You can count on me to continue to stand up for those that have been marginalized.

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