Reznik Report from Annapolis – Week 3 – Extended Open Enrollment and Critical Briefings

January 24, 2022

Dear Kirill,

We are starting Week 3 in Annapolis, and several critical things are starting to happen.

First, the Governor released his 2023 draft budget, and this week, my subcommittee on Appropriations, just like all of the subcommittees, will begin the process of having hearings to go over every inch of it. There is a lot to discussion and a number of programs and staffing levels that have been underfunded for years.

Second, bill hearings are underway. Four of my 10 bills have been submitted and are awaiting their hearings, and the remainder are on the final stages of drafting. As my legislative agenda progresses, I will keep you informed as to their success or otherwise.

Open Enrollment

Extension for Open Enrollment for Health Benefit Exchange

Good news!! The open enrollment period for Maryland Health Connection has been extended. Get covered for annual check-ups, mental health care, and more. Click here to sign up for 2022 health plans through February 28, 2022, or visit

It’s a great time to get health care coverage. Do it today.

Staffing Issues at the State

Maryland employees are currently 6,000 positions understaffed. This has been an ongoing program and an unfortunate strategy on the part of the Governor’s Administration.

This understaffing has resulted in slow processing of unemployment claims, a backlog of processing tolls, a shortage of nursing to inspect long-term care facilities, and many, many more problems.

We are hoping to correct some of these issues this year, but if we don’t have the cooperation of the Administration, there is little the legislature can do. Hopefully, we can find a way forward together and soon.

To read more about a briefing we had this past week about this problem, CLICK THIS ARTICLE.

As we more forward, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office on your thoughts about legislation or with needs for constituent services. I can always be reached at (301) 858-3039 or at

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