Reznik Report from Annapolis – Week 5 Update

February 11, 2019

Things are beginning to roll in Annapolis. The House of Delegates passed our first bill out of the House this week, HB 78 sponsored by Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins of Montgomery County, that will require the Maryland Department of Corrections to release information on the industries and wages of inmates working in our prisons. The bill passed 109-30 and is an awesome step forward for transparency in our justice system.

Committees are moving ahead full steam with bill hearings, and bills are starting to come to the House floor. It’s a very exciting time. We also hit the bill drop deadline, so after this week, any bills that are submitted are considered “late file” and Delegates will have to explain to the Rules and Nominations committee why it was late and why they think it should be allowed to pass to the proper committee. I’m happy to say that I got all of my bills in on time, and won’t have to plead my case.


My last three bills of the session were filed this week ahead of the drop deadline.

HB 835 is a bill to see if we can finally bring closure to what has felt like the never-ending fight between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, but trying to find a compromise that settles the scope of practice of Optometry.

HB 1129 is a bill that requires carriers of Medicare Supplemental Insurance policies to allow for enrollment within 30 days of a person’s birthday annual to change supplemental or Medigap coverage.

HB 1249 is a bill that would require the State to cover the full 28-day course of HIV postexposure prophylaxis to any victim of rape that requests it in order to prevent the potential contraction of the HIV virus.


It was a very busy week for my office, as we had 3 bill hearings on legislation I submitted earlier this week. The first was on net neutrality and internet privacy, the second to provide menstrual products in school bathrooms, and the third to expand a grant for robotics programs for Maryland students.

I was happy to have the chance to present my bills and answer questions that my colleagues from the Ways and Means and Economic Matters committees had. We had a fantastic showing of support for the robotics grant program, with students coming from Edgewater, Rockville, and more to testify before the committee and show just how important these programs are. The Rockville Wizards.exe even brought their champion robot with them!

If you’re interested in watching the hearings, you can do so here! You’ll just need to have pop-ups enabled.
Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy
Feminine Hygiene Products and Robotics Grant expansion (presented back-to-back in the Ways and Means Committee)

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20190207 125212


My committee, Appropriations, had a hearing this week about collective bargaining rights for graduate students. A question that I asked sparked enough intrigue to be included in an article from The Diamondback, an independent student newspaper from the University of Maryland!

After past failed attempts, UMD grad students rally again for collective bargaining rights


As some of you might be aware, Maryland is gradually transitioning to requiring all residents to have Real IDs. If you’re going to the MVA to renew your license and get a Real ID, make sure to bring the necessary documents with you. Below is a link that will guide you through what is considered acceptable documentation.
Real ID checklist

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